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Our History

Old Davis Hotel

The sights. The sounds. The smells. Many are the same, many bring back memories. The Davis Mercantile is once again home for many friends who gather to visit, shop, relax, and eat.

The beginnings of the Davis Mercantile complex date back to 1891 when Hezekiah Davis saw a need in Shipshewana to accommodate those traveling through town. Building a hotel close to the train depot was a good idea. His family built several buildings in and around Shipshewana and is remembered today for pioneering the trade that took place over one hundred years ago. In the late 1960's it was decided to move the Old Davis Hotel from its location at the corner of Main and Morton Streets to a block West on Main Street. This was no small task and was something the entire town came to see.

Year's later, in the 1980's the Miller family purchased the Hotel and began refurbishing the hotel that had been used for other things in the past century, including a chicken hatchery! Soon the hotel was simply not big enough to hold all the ideas the Millers had for retail. The Davis Mercantile was built and soon became a destination and people came from far and near to visit.

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