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The Big Tree

Davis Mercantile Tree

On a very cold day in December of 2004, a very special package was delivered to the Mercantile. It was on a large semi trailer. It even came with its own packaging list. The packing list stated quite simply, "large log." And large it was indeed. It weighed over 18,000 pounds and was in excess of 56 feet long with a diameter of 44 inches. Immediately upon its arrival, the growth rings were counted and the age of the tree was determined to be over 370 years old. That means that it was growing long before the pilgrims took refuge in our country. It was a grand daddy during the Civil War. Most trees in Indiana are lucky to make it to 100 years of age. This one would take three grown men just to give it a hug.


Just how do you take a tree out of the forest that is this size? Well, it might not be as easy as it might seem. A tree this size is not cut down and logged out of the woods. It is first attached to a helicopter and then cut down! The helicopter then lifts the log above the tree line where it can then begin to move it to the loading area where it will be taken into preparation for the journey home.


Our tree came to us from Kin Basket Lake, British Columbia. Folks ask us if it is holding up the building or the staircase... To this we say no. So what is its purpose? It sure keeps the men busy while the ladies shop! The other day a gentleman was leaning against the tree, and a tenant asked him to please be careful... we don't want the tree to fall over. Quickly, he moved away from the tree, and then the smiles on those around him told him that he had just been had. This is why there is a tree in the building. It keeps people wondering how it came to be there, and all the other things that inquisitive minds want to know. Stop by and give our Doug Fir a hug. He's been around a long time, and we hope you enjoy him! Isn't he great?

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