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The Big Fire

Davis Mercantile Fire

The Alvin Miller family is sad to report that on February 28, 2004 a fire destroyed an entire block in Shipshewana which included The Old Davis Hotel and The Davis Mercantile. The cause of this fire will officially be classified as undetermined pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation and developement of additional information.


The Old Davis Hotel was built in 1891, the Mercantile building was built in 1989. There were four additional buildings married into The Davis Mercantile Complex over the years, the home of eleven fine shops. We are indebted to the outpouring of love and support shown to us by this community, our faithful customers, and all of our friends and family since the fire. We are beginning to understand how much you enjoyed these buildings, our pretzels, fabrics, quilts, books, dulcimers, toys, candles, ladies' apparel and coffee breaks. We are truly humbled and gratified by your prayers and support. As you can see, we will be rebuilding at this location. We are looking forward to having an "Old Fashioned Barn Raising" in August of 2004.

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